Jason ZimdarsHi, I’m Jason.

Not this Jason, nor this Jason, and certainly not this Jason. I love to make things — especially websites. I think we should talk.

Let’s talk about me

I am a web designer

I’m a graphic designer who loves the web, design, beauty and things that are enjoyable to use. I am as excited by smart mark-up and clever CSS as I am by the single pixel that makes that button perfect. I think that “Designed by Apple in California” is the most brilliant thing to ever appear on a package.

Things I love

I have been called a “serial hobbyist.” There is so much to be interested in, to learn about, and to pour one’s creativity into. I spend time with our dogs, aquariums, Lego, computers, video games, drawing, ceramics, NFL Football (Go Packers!), photography, and traveling. There are a million things I want to try, to do, to be better at. There is never enough time in the day, week, or year for everything; though I’m really trying.

What I do

I work for an awesome company in Oklahoma City called Element Fusion. We make some pretty great products, too. We have an amazing team of designers, we use and admire 37signals’ products, and we try our best to make customers happy. I’m the creative director here which sounds fancy but really means that I help our designers be their best and ensure that the work they do is awesome. I am also in charge of making our web apps beautiful and fun to use. I think we do a pretty good job, our customers seem to think so, too.

Element Fusion is a great place to work. I have creative freedom, a good work environment, talented co-workers and am handsomely compensated. Really, I cannot think of anything that would keep me from being here a very long time. But I always want more. Not necessarily stuff or money, but I want to learn more and get better. I want to keep the pressure up. I want to take on the toughest challenges.

Let’s talk about you

You are the best

You are 37signals. You make awesome products, you piss people off, and generally make the web a better place. Heck, some of you are even a Jason.

You need the best

You need a rock star. You need somebody that will tell you “no”, that will fight for an idea, and that isn’t such a fanboy that he won’t challenge years of what 37signals has established as the way to do the web.

I’ll be honest. There are tons of reasons not to try for this job. Sure, on the surface it sounds like a dream to work for 37signals. Your philosophy makes me say “right on” and the way you have described your work environment makes it sound exactly like the kind of place a creative person could soar. This is a high-profile job at a company that is put on a pedestal by the web community. Who wouldn’t covet such an amazing opportunity? I certainly do, but it’s not all fun and games — this is a tough challenge. Redesigning your marketing websites and eventually the products, themselves, will invite an incredible amount of scrutiny from thousands of users and bloggers. This is a position that requires a thick skin, amazing skills, and supernatural confidence.

I’m that guy

I didn’t make this page lightly, and have spent some time considering whether or not to really go for this. I love a challenge. I love the idea of working with people that are brilliant; whom I admire and respect. I know what it means to work together to make something great. And I look forward to making 37signals better by my addition. I want to learn from you and I want to teach you and I want to learn things together.

I think 37signals is that next challenge.

Pretty Pictures

Here are some things I designed that I’m pretty proud of. For most of them I created the website from start to finish including client consultation, design, XHTML/CSS, interactive elements (Flash and Javascript), CMS integration, and page build.

Icebrrg Form Builder
Element Fusion Product

Water Content Management System
In development product family look and feel

Greywolf Golf Course
Content managed website

GSB Architects
Architecture portfolio page

Element Fusion
Element Fusion
Company home page

Big File Box
Big File Box
Home page for web application

Southern Nazarene University
Design for local university

Hearts for Hearing
Hearts for Hearing
Foundation for hearing research

What people say about me

Just a few kind words from some of the great people I have worked with over the years. Note: These are real people and real quotes, but I didn’t get anyone’s permission, so let’s not go calling them, ok?

“Jason is an amazing talent. His eye for design coupled with his understanding of technology leads him in directions not often taken, which results in new and inventive designs, applications and interfaces. Though his work has been lauded by the likes of Yahoo! Publisher Network and others on the internet, he is humble and quiet; exactly the type of person I would want on any team. In fact, if every site and application I produced was designed and laid out by Jason, I would be happier and more profitable. ”

Element Fusion Customer

“Jason, you make working here worth all the hassle. I love your attitude, your skill, your work ethic and your integrity. ”

Element Fusion Sales Consultant

“We launched www.mscwired.org yesterday, and I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your help. I’m so excited to finally have an online presence that is not only functional but is also an accurate representation of our church's personality. I’m quite certain I've driven most of you guys crazy in this process—I’m a worrier and a question-asker and a think-out-louder—but you've offered nothing but patience, reassurance, and fantastic expert advice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from one very happy (and very tired) Director of Communications. You guys rock!”

Element Fusion Customer

“I wanted everyone to know that Kaizania (our SA dev team) was so impressed with the web design for Billboard. Their executives came in to specifically look at the app once some of the modules were placed within the “skin”.

They asked me to tell E-F (and particularly Jason Z) that this is one of the best UIs they have seen. Very impressed.”

Element Fusion Customer

“Just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of your extra efforts as you have worked with SemGroup. You have shown the highest level of professionalism in all responses and have done an excellent job. With an organization as large are SemGroup, you have handle every request from all of the committee members with no hesitation. And I think their IT guy really likes you.

I know that they will be a long-term customer, because of their great experience in round one. Thank you so much.

You ROCK!”

Element Fusion Sales Consultant

Jason ZimdarsLet’s talk.

Jason Zimdars
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